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Better Coverage & Your Insurance Questions

Selecting the right types and amounts of insurance can be difficult. How much coverage should you have on your home? What is the right combination of auto coverages for my personal situation. What liability limits should I consider? Use our Guide to Better Coverage to help you better understand your coverage needs and learn the right questions to ask when discussing your coverage with your agent. Click here to use the guide.

Your Insurance Centers

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Independent Agents That Work for You...

The Trusted Choice®Choosing your insurance agent is as important as choosing the right doctor or attorney for your personal or business needs. Unlike online agents or agents that represent only one company, the Independent Insurance Agent represents many insurance companies and has the freedom to research their companies to find the best coverage, price and service for your unique situation.

The Independent Agent is available to assist you with all your insurance needs, both personal and business-related. No longer will you need one agent for your car, one for your home or another for your business coverage. Our Independent Agents can offer expertise in various types of insurance and we are here to serve you and help you protect your financial assets. We are truly "Independent Agents that work for you."

Haleyville Office

Haleyville Office

2012 9th Ave.
Haleyville, AL 35565

Hamilton Office

Hamilton Office

400 Bexar Avenue W.
Hamilton, AL 35570

Winfield Office

Winfield Office

853 U.S. Highway 43
Winfield, AL 35594

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